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New home, another update, testing, etc.


Staff member

Here's an update log dumped from our discord since the beginning of our development.

Haven't joined the discord? Get the quickest updates and info about the server by joining here! -> https://discord.gg/mx8vMNV

  1. Most recent update displays upon login, automatically grabbed from forum.
  2. Two-factor authentication added on forum and integrated into game
  3. Discord bot for punishment logs (admin +) added, also displays world events for normal players
  4. IP-Bans properly being uploaded to database and read from server
  5. Security guard informs players of which security measures they currently don't have set up and informs on how to set up
  6. Fixed banning (Previously wouldn't save to external database, allowing players to log in after being kicked)
  7. CommandBot for staff sending directly to discord.
  8. Teleporter at home now casts teleother on player when selecting teleport.
  9. Fixed (possible) POS dupe. Also when selecting amount you'd like to offer, you may now type more than the actual amount you have without having to re-do the transaction. It will simply grab the max amount of item you have in your inventory and offer that.
  10. Corrected agility level requirement for East Arceuus essence mine shortcut (73) and correctly restricted the shortcut for climbing up - you cannot climb up in OSRS.
  11. Altar at home can now use bones on for more pray exp, x200 combat exp added, instead of x100. Sigmund shop now works.
  12. Reverted back to original 184 map. will update slightly soon to provide altar/thieving stalls etc.
  13. Great olm now has correct attack speed
  14. Great olm now correctly only targets players with basic attacks that his head is facing.
  15. Great olm's electrocute attack now works properly and uses correct animation, sphere attack now correctly disables only protection prayers, not all prayers.
  16. Re-finished home. some objects/npc options don't work yet. is to be done
  17. Amethyst is now mineable, and you can now craft into bolt tips, arrowtips, or javelin heads, and make each respective item
  18. Added some achievements, going to have over 100 total when I'm done.
  19. Added "Legend" rank, x75 xp, higher drop rates. with this change ironmen now have the drop rate increase as well. Tutorial overhauled.
  20. Trading post npc added to edgeville bank for use
  21. Thieving stalls at home now work properly, and give fair exp/gold per item.
  22. Runelite/openosrs added to client.
  23. Fixed wilderness slayer, now only gives you exp if you kill your task within the wilderness.
  24. Also adjusted/increased slayer exp rates by 33%, as they were quite low.
  25. Added Larran keys to wilderness slayer drops.
  26. Occult altar at home/in POH now works
  27. Ironman shop now accessible, starter changed for ironman game modes.
  28. Bones on altar gfx is correctly assigned to object, no more weird gfx location
  29. Lowered dramen staff price from fairy fixit, to encourage fairy ring teleportation
  30. Fixed edgeville trapdoor. Now can properly go down into the dungeon.
  31. Added Zeah RC
  32. Muggers/pirates in asgarnian ice dungeon are no longer Scavvos/Baraek's respectively.
  33. Gem bag now stores correct gems, not Zenytes/onyx/opal etc
  34. Fixed broken Kourend region, no longer allows you to no clip
  35. Simple launcher available, checks checksum of local client to check if there's been an update. No need to manually update now.
  36. Piscatoris fishing colony fishing npc corrected, now properly shows as Monkfish on runelite client, and now requires small net rather than large. (correct to osrs)
  37. Also corrected first launch launcher bug where client wouldn't open until launcher was exitted.
  38. Filter game option now saves on log-out.
  39. Quest tab interface changed back to OSRS. Will contain server info, and a centralized area for settings/achievements, etc.
  40. Weird xp drop configuration bug where changing settings on one option changed the setting on another fixed, all options now work in configure XP drops.
  41. Can now filter yells from non-staff members in game filter.
  42. Started RFD miniquest fight, for access to barrows gloves. rather than be able to buy them from the shop lol
  43. Finished rfd miniquest fight, now progress saves. You can now properly start the miniquest as well. All that needs to be done is the NPCs need to have to respective combat styles and rewards shop be added (to be done tomorrow)
  44. Finished shop with proper requirements, each boss you defeat in the RFD miniquest fight will give you access to the next tier up, starting with black gloves.
  45. There is also a full food store as well, just to be completionist about it.
  46. Agrith Na-Na Animations/Attack styles completed
  47. Flambeed animations/attack styles completed
  48. Karamel animations/attack styles completed (including freezing/melee-range ranged, double hitting magic attack, stat draining mage attack -> -3 per magic attack.)
  49. Forgot to add her "Semolina-Go!" phrase - now corrected/added.
  50. Resolved icons (custom donator icons, icons for interfaces, etc) not showing up in runelite client.
  51. Shop interface right click menu issue resolved, now have buy options up to 50 and x
  52. Fixed issue with icons mysteriously disappearing and not coming back, e.g Ironman,admin,mod icons when talking
  53. Login response codes corrected, now if you're IPbanned, banned/not registered, the client will return the correct response.
  54. Changed runelite save directory for Draynor, now no longer uses runelite directory, so no more players getting spooked when Draynor client loads their runescape runelite settings
  55. Corrected Launcher auto-update process, no longer corrupts the jar after update.
  56. Slayer gem check option now triggers runelite, and it shows the slayer overlay.
  57. Hiscores released
  58. Full player logging finished.
  59. Website now properly shows players online
  60. Reading bans from SQL resolved.
  61. Forum registration now only allows regex key of [A-Za-z0-9_ ]+
    In short, this makes it so you cannot register an account with Special Characters. In other words again.. username requirements now match RuneScape username requirements..
  62. Also limited username length to 12 as is osrs.
  63. Dessourt attack styles for RFD finished. Only Gelatinoth mother and Culinaromancer left :D
  64. Karamel no longer perma-freezes you, ice barrage she casts now works properly to osrs, where you have short immunity after freeze runs out.
  65. Gelatinnoth mother finished, had to do from scratch, was quite fun actually. Each phase has it's weakness, and is invulnerable to any other attack style. Double hits with ranged/mage, one of each. Also for completionism, also tells you in game chat (as a filtered message, so you can filter it if you'd like..) what color the mother changed into.
  66. Can no longer use prayer in rfd fight. deactivates all active prayers upon entry and does not allow prayer to be turned on during instance
  67. Fixed clipping issue in edgeville
  68. Added starter staff (no rune requirement, auto casts fire strike, 500 charges)
    Added Starter sword (has stats SLIGHTLY lower than dragon scimitar, 1000 charges/attacks)
    Added starter bow (1000 charges, stats slightly lower than magic shortbow, no arrow requirement, arrows treated as adamant arrows)
    ^ Only given to Legend, and Ironman game-modes.
Thanks for sticking around!

More coming soon! (ToB is what my eyes are set on currently)
- Ryan
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Вероятно все правильно, но завтра я заполучу консультацию и отпишусь.


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Благодарность! Я лично познал немало информации на сём вэб-форуме! Так держать.